Sosyal Sorumluluk
Arif Develi, who started working at the age of six and continued his education synchronously, emphasizes the significance and contributions of education to a person's life on all occasions. He always reminds us the saying "Ignorance comes with disaster."

Accordingly, Sevil-Arif Develi couple donated many charities in the field of education. Lastly, they had a school of 24 classrooms constructed in Şahinbey district of Gaziantep and donated it to the Ministry of National Education. Being great education volunteers, Sevil and Arif Develi continue supporting various social responsibility projects in the field of education.

Many living creatures need our help around us. Especially our animal friends in the shelters are waiting for us to bring food. In Develi, we collect all the leftovers from our restaurants properly and share them with our friends in animal shelters. We kindly ask all our guests to support our practice and not to leave toothpicks in their plates. We are aware of the importance of sharing life and we hope that our project supported by our entire staff sets an example for others and lead the way to further projects.
Sosyal Sorumluluk

Sosyal Sorumluluk
Thanks to our Braille menu prepared for visually- impaired customers and our staff who are trained for sign language to assist our customers having impaired hearing; we have become the first accessible restaurant chain in Turkey. 12.25% of our population consists of people with disabilities. Mostly they are having problems in expressing their needs and troubles. We cooperated with the Turkish Beyazay (White moon) Society that has been conducting activities in related field and took an action to serve our guests with special needs. Accordingly, Braille menus are prepared for impaired customers and our waiters are trained for sign language for audibly impaired guests. We work on further projects to provide a better service to our guests with disabilities and make them feel much more comfortable in our restaurants. We sincerely hope that this project will set out an example for other restaurants and the number of accessible restaurants increases day by day.