Welcome to Develi Samatya, the starting point of Develi legend and the most significant representative of Turkish and Antep cuisines...
As one of the most popular locations of the journey started from Antep in 1912 and reached to Istanbul in 1966, Develi Samatya keeps providing a feast of taste to its domestic and foreign guests by preserving its historical ambiance.
Located in one of the most touristic and historical districts of Istanbul, Develi Samatya has preserved its quality level for many years. The terraces revealing the fabulous views of Samatya and the interior architecture & design depict the famous history of Samatya.
The unique tastes of Antep meet with their guests through elegant presentations; Develi Samatya is one of the most popular restaurants of Istanbul preferred for group events.
Along with the most famous dishes of Antep cuisine, pistachio nut kebap, originally invented by the founder Arif Develi, is an authentic dish and one of the most popular tastes of Develi Samatya, which fascinates everyone who tries.
Thanks to our experienced team and our service policy that requires not to ever compromise on the quality, Develi Samatya is now a popular place among gourmets as well. Develi does not confine itself to Gaziantep cuisine and it also offers different tastes from the cuisines of Aegean, Mediterranean, and Central Anatolian regions’ in its genuine ambiance.


Welcome to Develi Kalamış, this is where a fabulous sunset view of Kalamış Marina meets blissful conversations...
Welcoming our guests with its renovated decoration within Kalamış Marina, Develi Kalamış combines modern style with classical lines and its natural and romantic ambiance appeal to the eyes and tastes of our regular guests.
Opened in 1977, Develi Kalamış serves the most authentic and classical tastes of Antep cuisine through elegant presentations of our talented master chefs, just like all the other Develi restaurants. Develi Kalamış offers you the moments of pleasure to relax by the end of the day in its closed and open spaces by the unique sunset view of the marina. Being the popular meeting and socializing venue of Kalamış Marina for many years, Develi Kalamış awaits for the taste addicts with its distinguished service quality and service team.


Welcome to Develi Marin, where we have united the freshest seafood with an excellent ambiance.
Designed in a more distinctive concept than the other Develi Restaurants, Develi Marin invites everyone, who is passionate about seafood, to the most special spot in Kalamış- to Kalamış Marina.
Proving its expertise in Antep cuisine, Develi welcomes you in Develi Marin that is located right next to Kalamış and serves the freshest seafood to its guests. You will be fascinated by the fresh seafood served and the breath taking view of Kalamış Marina.
Dazzling its guests with indoor and outdoor spaces and the modern decoration, Develi Kalamış turns all your organizations into unforgettable moments thanks to the experienced service staff and master chefs.


Welcome to Develi Etiler that has introduced Etiler, one of the most favorite districts of Istanbul with the real taste...
Develi Restaurants surely continues the journey of introducing our unique tastes all over Istanbul. Being one of the most important stations of this journey, Develi Etiler offers unforgettable moments of taste to our guests along with an elegant decoration and legendary tastes. Performing culinary arts through our long-lasting background and experience in taste, Develi Etiler team serves the culinary culture of Antep cuisine to our guests in the most delicious way and offers them unforgettable experiences.
The leader of taste also distinguishes with its prominent location and hosts many organizations such as weddings, meetings, and special events. Prioritizing customer satisfaction at all times, Develi Etiler unites taste and mastery under a single roof.


Welcome to Develi Ataşehir, the pioneer of the firsts and innovations in Develi family...
Serving on an area of 7000 m2, Develi Ataşehir is one of the largest restaurants of Turkey. Providing services on totally six floors, Develi Ataşehir makes all the difference and pursues Develi legend in Ataşehir thanks to its design blending modern and classical styles, garden, parking garage, kids' room, nursing rooms, specially designed restrooms for the impaired, etc.
Equipped with the state-of-the-art technology, families are able to watch the kids' room where their children are playing via the tablets on their tables. There are baby-feeding chairs in those rooms and children have their meals under the supervision of our specially trained staff.
There is also a separate hall downstairs for special meetings and presentations of the companies, which is equipped with high-technology audio and visual systems. There is also a penthouse for group use and offers guests a chance of socializing and entertaining outdoors.
On Sundays, Develi Ataşehir serves open buffet breakfast with a wide range of delicious tastes, which will make your Sunday fun day.


Welcome to Develi Florya, where unique tastes of Turkish cuisine meet aesthetical presentations...
Complying with the overall Develi concept, Develi Florya features distinctions in several fields; we do not only serve dishes from Antep cuisine in this location but we also serve original alternatives from the cuisines of Aegean, Mediterranean and Central Anatolian regions.
Meeting the regular guests with legendary Develi tastes in Florya, Develi Florya meticulously serves customers with a professional team of 120 employees in its closed hall, garden, and terrace. The landscape in the garden offers peace; the guests enjoy the garden in summertime and the closed hall with the fireplace in winter. Develi Florya offers all the opportunities to the families with kids to make them feel comfortable. There are indoor and outdoor kids' rooms with special dining tables, baby-feeding chairs, and well-trained staff to make our guests feel more comfortable.
Providing the privilege of having open buffet breakfast in weekends, Develi Florya serves 150 different fresh products as well as katmer, beyran, liver kebab and Antep water heurek and offers a wonderful breakfast to our guests.
There are two fully equipped conference rooms within the restaurant to serve our guests from the business world for dealers meetings, workshops and seminars, etc.


Welcome to Flora by Develi that hosts your organizations in its green garden and elegant decoration...
Designed by a concept different from other Develi restaurants all over Istanbul, Flora by Develi hosts your special events, celebrations and any kind of organizations. The restaurant offers the excellence to our guests through its modern and elite design, its spacious ambiance, garden landscape decorated with natural trees, and its genuine tastes identified with Develi brand. Turkish patterns and the white decorations commonly used in the design of the restaurant creates a fascinating atmosphere.
Offering unforgettable memories and moments to our guests welcomed in the hall and in the garden, Flora by Develi rewrites the rules of excellence with our professional team.


Welcome to Tuzla Viamarin, where the blue sea surrounds you and accompanies your conversations....
The second location of Develi in Tuzla, Develi Tuzla Viamarina, offers a unique experience to its guests, who are deeply dedicated to taste, in its seafront open hall and the larger interior hall.
Located far from the chaos of the city and next to the sea, this refreshing restaurant serves legendary tastes of Antep region prepared by master chefs of Develi.
Providing a peaceful ambiance with the harmony of blue and white, Develi Tuzla Viamarin serves its guests with its professional team both on their special events and on business organizations.
A nursery room and kids' room supervised by our specially trained staff is available for the comfort of the families with kids. The restaurant offers a unique experience for those who are in love with blue and taste.


Welcome to Develi Nişantaşı, where we have united elegance and taste on the most prominent street of Istanbul...
Develi Nişantaşı is located on Abdi İpekçi street, where some of the most prominent global brands are also located. The restaurant is one of the most decent locations of Nişantaşı thanks to its glorious, chic and elite decoration, unique tastes and the smiling service team. Develi Nişantası is designed by the Architect Kaan Çetinkaya, a special fragrance is also produced for this location in France, which creates a magnificent ambiance in the restaurant.
Welcoming the lovers of Antep cuisine and the guests who would like to try new tastes, in a cozy, blissful and modern ambiance, Develi Nişantaşı turns your special events and group organizations to unforgettable moments of taste. Guests of Develi Nişantaşı both enjoy all the pleasure and dynamism of Nişantaşı and meet unique tastes.


A neat restaurant in Ankara from the master of taste for 104 years...Welcome to Develi Ankara
A venue of its own tale... Customers leave with their own unique experiences harmonized with the intimate history of Develi.
Ankara branch of Develi Restaurants, one of the prominent brands of the Turkish cuisine, is designed as an extension of our corporate identity by the award- winning architect Kaan Çetinkaya and his office Space Architects&Designers, who also designed Develi Nişantaşı. A hybrid and eclectic restaurant concept is created for this location by blending the atmospheres of global restaurants and traditional Turkish elements, where people are intended to enjoy during dining.
The restaurant is opened in a detached building on the Palestine Street, one of the prominent and significant streets of Ankara. The new concept intends to create an astonishing venue with all the modern, elegant details in each corner; and this restaurant in Ankara reinforced this concept thanks to the possibilities naturally offered by the location.
Terraces can be used as both wide-open and closed thanks to the retractable roof systems, which created a venue combining the indoors and outdoors concepts. Mosaic marbles used on the flooring and the living plant we have encountered on the walls made the space more different from ordinary locations and made it livable. The interesting lighting elements, furniture choices, use of bronze and brass, round panels also used in retractable roofs delivered a contrastive elegance along with the open top roof option
Hand painted colons, bar decorations and antique bronze mirrors are combined to create a "vintage" look. The floral atmosphere prevailing all over the venue and harmonizing with the vintage look was made visible from outside through the perforated patterned panels on the second wall built on the front facade. Flower tubs and green plants used in the roof panels emphasized the floral wall concept in a wider area of the venue.