Is this only a restaurant or a complex facility?
We, as Develi family, are empowered by our 104 years of experience and we serve with a professional team in order to ensure that all guests visiting our branches can leave our restaurants with 100% satisfaction. We consider our visitors, who are visiting our restaurants located in most prominent locations of Istanbul, as our guests who are visiting us at home not as a customer; we care for every single detail to make themselves feel at home. For instance, we provide special kids rooms, nursemaids, and game zones for the families who visit us with their children. Moreover, for our guests who would like to organize an event, organization, or business meeting, we provide specially designed rooms with proper infrastructure and equipments and make them feel privileged.

We welcome our foreign guests and make them enjoy the Turkish hospitality with the assistance of our staff who speak foreign languages and we serve them the most authentic flavors of the Turkish cuisine thanks to talented our master chefs.

We keep working with a superior service approach in our minds and take care of every detail from hygiene to comfort, from quality to taste meticulously. By the end of the day, our guests leave our warm, cozy, and exquisite restaurants with satisfaction.