Esteemed guests, business partners and dear employees,

We have a beautiful story to tell. A proud one...A legend of 104 years that has been inherited from grandfather to grandson and that does not compromise on taste, quality, and love through four generations.

I joined the journey that my grandfather started in 1912 at a very early age when I was just a little child. I was six back then and I lost my father when I was only two and a half. I was both working and going to school. Life was never easy on me, but I never gave up. I was raised in the kitchen and I raised others in the kitchen.

I came to Istanbul in 1966, when I was 22 years old. I decided to do best job I have ever known in the best possible way. Then I opened Develi Samatya, which has been my first love and is always my precious. Fortunately, God protected us from failure; we welcomed our guests in the best possible way, made them smile and experience unforgettable tastes. We welcomed many domestic and foreign presidents, artists; they thanked us all.

As I have always told to my children and to our employees, we should use the power of knowledge in our entire work in the best possible way without forgetting our traditions, we need to move forward through the power of innovations and we have to keep up with the change. Today our brand has been loved and preferred by so many people, our taste has been in the limelight, our guests are so happily welcomed in our restaurants, which all proves that the most significant factor guiding our way is that we have successfully combined what we have learned from our ancestors with an innovative perspective. I have always believed in this approach myself, so I gladly passed the torch inherited from my grandfathers to my sons with an inner peace.

Today, Develi has become a large family with 11 branches and almost 1000 employees. The story of taste that I have started in Samatya has been continued in Etiler, Kalamış, Ataşehir, Eminönü, Florya, Tuzla, and Nişantaşı.

Let me just say I am so pleased to be a Master chef of a taste-leader brand, which annually welcomes over 1 million guests, contributes to the national economy and which has been chosen among the best 100 restaurants in the world...

I would like to express my sincere thanks to our esteemed guests for preferring us for many years, to our valuable business partners and to our employees and my children, who are the most important heroes of our story and who have always worked so hard to carry our brand to its current position.

Arif Develi