An enchanting venue...

An extremely chic, elegant, and roomy restaurant Flora by Develi, is located in a lovely garden concept in the middle of green and creates a fairy effect thanks to its design letting the daylight in as much as possible.

Flora has been independently designed as an event and celebration hall for Develi Group, which is one of the most accomplished representatives of Antep cuisine, apart from its a la carte restaurants. The venue, which will be hosting various celebrations and organizations, is designed to create a pure, plain, but elegant atmosphere and furnished in white tones. A flower-patterned relief printing is used all over the building -inside and out, which is specially designed and handcrafted for Develi Group. The fronts of the hall of 350 m2 is furnished with this pattern and the entrance section of 140 m2 including the kitchen, is surrounded by a box consisting of natural vegetation with trees in rows. It is a fascinating venue with a capacity of 450 people in the garden and 350 people in the closed area, with a total capacity of 800 people.