INGREDIENTS (serves for 4-5)
1 kg meat mincing by using a crescent-shaped iron cleaver known as the "Zırh" (salt added)
1 kg clean keme

Pick and clean kemes well, peel them in walnut size according to their natural forms. Use a special driller or a skewer to pierce a hole in kemes before attaching kemes on a skewer one by one facing in the same direction. Otherwise, they will crack and will not stick on skewers. Put one keme and ground beef pieces in the same size respectively. Grill them on the barbecue once the open fire completely fizzles out by turning kebabs all to the same direction. Put the cooked keme kebabs in wrapped pita bread, sprinkle black and red pepper. Serve with the salad of parsley & green onions and ayran.

NOTE: You can add the broken pieces of keme mushrooms into the mince in case they crack while putting on skewers, your kebab will be much more delicious then.