The firsts and innovations of Develi, the Legend of Taste, are now in Ataşehir.

Develi Ataşehir will be Your New Address to Taste the Unique Antep Cuisine... Develi’s legendary taste has combined the unique tastes of the leading Turkish cuisine known as Antep with its expertise since 1912; and now it welcomes you in its new restaurant in Ataşehir. Develi Ataşehir started servicing in January and it is built on a closed area of 7.000 m2; thanks to the size, it is “the one of the largest restaurants in Turkey”. Develi Ataşehir is located on 6 floors and it includes 2 parking garages and a garden of 1.000 m2.

The firsts and innovations of Develi, the Legend of Taste, are now in Ataşehir. Develi Ataşehir has combined the modern and classical styles with elegance in its design and has been serving to its guests with an experienced team of 200 people. Develi Ataşehir also includes a kids' zone of 120 m2 for the families with kids so that they could enjoy Develi’s tastes. This area is equipped with a playground, educational sets, and various toys appropriate for every age and a specially trained staff is in charge. Furthermore, the kids’ room has specially designed restrooms, dining tables, and feeding chairs for babies and there are employees to accompany your kids while they are having their meal. Besides, there are special details such as breast-feeding rooms, specially designed restrooms for the physically disabled people as well as the elevator systems. The firsts and innovations of Develi, the Legend of Taste, are now in Ataşehir... For the guests who could only find a limited time within the rush of their business lives, Develi Corner offers Develi’s taste and for the first time, it is located in Develi Ataşehir. Special menus in Develi Corner are presented by a qualified service concept that will keep up with the fast flow of business life. Develi Baklava, one of the newly started projects of Develi, is located in Develi Ataşehir at a separate section for the first time. Those who would like to taste the very special Antep Baklava baked by the talented hands of our master chefs will now become regular customers in Ataşehir, as they used to be in Samatya and Kalamış. Develi Ataşehir has also a separate hall downstairs, which is particularly designed for companies to organize their private meetings and dinners. This hall has a capacity of 300 people and it is equipped with special audio &visual systems for presentations. Besides, there is a direct entrance to this hall directly from the parking garage so our customers using this hall do not meet our other guests in the restaurant. Develi not only appeals to the delight of its guests but also never ignores their health; therefore, it has built a food laboratory in Ataşehir branch, as food hygiene is one of the most important missions for Develi. At this laboratory, all ingredients provided from the suppliers are tested by a food engineer for their compliance of hygiene; then they are used in the kitchen if they are appropriate.